Bhutan Interdisciplinary Research & Development (BIRD) is a non-partisan independent research, consulting and training organization. We specialize in the areas of Program Monitoring and Evaluation (M&E); Needs Assessments and Feasibility Studies; Mobile Data Collection Solutions; Statistical Consulting Services; and Survey Data Collection, Management, Analysis and Modeling, among others.

We foster applied research through close collaboration with Government Organizations, International Agencies, Non-Governmental Organizations, and Civil Society Organizations.

We also offer demand-driven courses that guarantee high-quality content relevant to a rapidly changing labor market.

In order to foster an environment of discourse that inform and influence public policy, we are poised to broaden into a fully-fledged policy organization that offer objective and high-quality research.

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Our Services

We custom-build a team for each client from a pool of our associates, as the requirements of each client are unique and require specific skills and expertise.

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Bhutan Interdisciplinary Research & Development

Bhutan Interdisciplinary Research & Development ...

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Bhutan Interdisciplinary Research & Development

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Join us if you’re interested in Research, Consulting, and Training. Of course! as a researcher, consultant and trainer.

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